Salon: Navigating The Earned-Media Paradox

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12 February 2020

02:30 PM

*This is portion of the day is not open to general ticket holders. Attendance to salons is by invitation-only.*

Newsrooms are shrinking and local newspapers dying, with traditional journalism under attack from all sides. So why do the most sophisticated—and biggest—brands and companies still put earned media at the center of strategic communications efforts? Today’s earned-media universe has become a paradox, with opportunities both shrinking and expanding. For every lost legacy outlet, myriad digital destinations have sprung up—especially influential among specialty, hyper-engaged audiences. The conundrum: How to make the most of these shifting realities?  What priorities should change, what should we hold on to, and what tactics will produce measurable, impactful outcomes?


In this session facilitated by The Holmes Report and Bob Safian, former Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company and Media Advisor at Zeno Group, top practitioners will offer real-world lessons, aided by an all-new Earned Media Watch List specially-created by Zeno that highlights dynamic digital outlets on the rise. Among the discussion topics: how owned-media can drive earned-media; how employees can be tapped as an earned-media channel; how macrotrends like the 2020 election and fake news will impact earned-media in the year ahead.


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