Joe Lipscombe

Memac Ogilvy: Director of Content & Influence, PR & Influence

Joe Lipscombe is the Content and Strategy Director within the PR & Influence unit at Memac Ogilvy based in Dubai. He is responsible for developing multi-format content strategies that stand the test of time. He does this by relying on his team of 12, and collaborating with account teams to ensure brands are being kept at the forefront of storytelling in the modern age.

He has been with Ogilvy for five years, and represented the company on a global scale, collaborating with offices in London, New York, Cape Town, Shanghai, and the entire Middle East and North Africa network.

He was the region’s first Director of Content, building his team from one-man to what now represents more than 50 percent of the PR & Influence unit.  He is also the region’s head of media training, as well as storytelling and strategy, and has conducted more than 50 trainings across the Middle East.

His major projects include devising and executing the entire global content strategy for the launch of The New Suez Canal in Egypt, devising the plan for the Cairo Ministry of Finance, as well as training all staff on content development, and overseeing the PR strategy for the Cannes Gold Lion winning Potatoes on Mars project.

A British-trained journalist, Joe has worked across some of the world's most renowned media brands in England, France and the UAE. He has reported for groups such as Sky News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, multiple national newspapers and several other television stations. Joe has a broad understanding of multiple disciplines, having covered significant stories in politics (UK general election 2010 correspondent), war/conflict (Syrian conflict 2014), as well as industries such as technology, construction, finance, and lifestyle. He is a two-time published author, including the extended essay, The Art and Science of Better Storytelling.