What Young People Want From Brands

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05 February 2020

11:30 AM

It’s no secret that in the last decade or so, youths have moved from consuming headlines to dictating headlines. But In the last few years Arab youths have made another seismic shift — today, they are the headlines. Defining the conversation, dictating the news we read and discuss — born out of a passion for policy, an anger towards establishment, and a drive to inflict meaningful change where they live and work.

One way or another, the regional news agenda is owned by the youth.

In parallel to this, brands are working harder than ever to achieve cultural relevance by inserting themselves into these conversations. Forcefully trying to contribute to solving the tensions of the day.

But does the youth want that? 

Using rudimentary segmentation techniques to try to understand people based on likes, dislikes, and consumption habits, and trying to connect with them on these bases, brands are nudging their way into conversations they may not be welcome in.

Who decides who participates in these cultural conversations?

What if this new generation has other ideas about how it wants to connect with brands? What if they seek other uses from them? What if there’s a fundamental disconnect between the role brands believe they play and what this youth wants them to play?

What if we asked them...?

In this unique session, Ogilvy is bringing a major brand face-to-face with the region’s youth to truly discover where our relationships sit today and where they’re headed.

Join this unmissable meeting of minds.

Moderator and Speakers