Building Brand Resilience in a World in Motion

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12 September 2019

10:45 AM

The ever-changing realities of a world in motion and the increased speed at which information spreads means that how we communicate, engage with stakeholders and manage issues has also changed. Or if it hasn’t, it should.

Customer expectations are exponentially increasing, competition is greater, and technology is driving daily change across industries, business and products. Throw in the power of digital communication and we have an environment where issues can escalate at breakneck speed.

For brands, the stakes have never been higher. Preparing for the occasional friction is no longer enough; brands must instead develop resilience to anticipate, avoid, mitigate and withstand the speedbumps.

Previewing the results of WE’s Brands in Motion 2019 global study, Rebecca Wilson will explore why building resilience is crucial to brand equity and reputation.

Moderator and Speakers

12 Sep 2019